Bacon Popcorn

Use Deliciou Bacon Seasoning to make bacon flavoured popcorn! This is a low sodium, low carb and healthy fat option to regular salted popcorn. Once you pop you'll never stop.



  • Heat coconut oil on medium heat in a sauce pan.
  • Drop a couple of popcorn kernels in the oil to test the heat level. When the popcorn kernel spins in the oil, pour all the popcorn into the sauce pan.
  • Stir until it starts popping and put the lid on.
  • Shake the sauce pan a couple of times while it's popping to prevent burned popcorn at the bottom.
  • When popping slows down, remove the sauce pan and season with Bacon Seasoning for delicious bacon flavour. Put the lid on and shake well to blend the seasoning with the popcorn.

Pro tips:

  • Pour popcorn into a bowl or second sauce pan before adding bacon seasoning. It will help blend the seasoning with the popcorn.
  • Use organic extra virgin coconut oil and organic popcorn kernels for extra freshness.
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