Deliciou Plant-Based Chicken: Tips and Tricks

July 27, 2020

Deliciou's Plant-Based Chicken is a little different from the rest, so we wanted to share our tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of your new plant-based dishes!

#1 Use A Non-Stick Pan
Use a non-stick pan to reduce the amount of oil required to prevent the product from sticking. This will also ensure an even golden finish on your plant-based Chicken creations.

#2 Fry To Perfection
When creating burger patties, meatballs or chicken tenders, try adding extra oil to the pan. This will help create an extra crispy layer on the outside and help retain a succulent juicy texture on the inside

#3 Bake It To Reduce Fat
Bake your Deliciou Plant-Based Chicken in the oven for a low-fat alternative to pan frying.

#4 Do Not Boil Or Flame Grill
We don't recommend boiling the chicken in water or grilling it directly over flames for too long. This can cause the Plant-Based Chicken to lose it's shape.

#5 Try Different Shapes
Deliciou Plant-Based Chicken is incredibly versatile. Mould it into meatballs, nuggets, tenders, sausages, burger patties or just throw it straight into the pan and shred into mince.

#6 Keep The Shapes Intact
The plant mince doesn't hold together well while simmering for too long in a sauce, or mixed vigorously in a stir-fry. We recommend that you cook your nuggets, tenders or patties separately and add these at the end of your cooking process.

#7 Try More Or Less Oil
Adding oil to the dehydrated plant mix is optional, but it does make the finished product juicier. Experiment with more or less oil than than suggested and find your optimal preference.

#8 The Type Of Oil Matters
Use a neutral flavoured oil such as canola for optimal chicken flavour. Oils such as extra virgin olive oil can have a strong taste and overpower the natural chicken flavour.

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